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According to the International Classification of Diseases 2010, the disease belongs to take accutane class of diseases of the endocrine system caused by malnutrition and metabolic processes. The code for non-diabetic hypoglycemic coma is E-15. The development of pathology is associated with a violation of the intrasecretory activity of the pancreas, the function of which is to ensure the regulation of glucose concentration.

The initial stages of the disease are difficult to recognize. The decrease in glucose levels occurs gradually. The brain, whose cells are starving, tries to buy accutane online for the lack of nutrients from alternative sources. As a result of this process, the patient develops weakness, frequent headache attacks occur, in which painkillers are ineffective. This condition is called hypoglycemic aura (predecessor).

  • When the glucose concentration drops to a critical level (2.78 mmol / l), the pathology has more pronounced manifestations.
  • If the initial signs of hypoglycemic coma are ignored by the patient, the condition worsens. Shortness of breath appears, hands and legs tremble, vision deteriorates.
  • Later stages of the disease are characterized by the following clinic. With such manifestations, you should immediately seek medical help. Timely diagnosed insulin coma is treatable.

Modern laboratory tests will help to quickly determine the level of glucose in the blood and immediately take therapeutic measures. If help is not provided, this leads to convulsions in the patient, loss of consciousness and other acute violations of vital processes. Hypoglycemic shock develops in diabetic patients. This is due to a violation of the dosage of insulin injection or non-compliance with the diet, in which the intake of carbohydrate foods should be dosed and timely. There are cases when non-specific hypersensitivity to insulin preparations and the hormone itself develops in severe insulin-dependent patients due to external reasons.

In medical practice, the causes of impaired insulin concentration during injections that cause diabetic shock are described. There are a number of factors that in patients with diabetes provoke a decrease in sugar. Pathology occurs in children with diagnosed diabetes mellitus due to an increase in insulin concentration, malnutrition, physical overload, chronic kidney and liver diseases. This disease is observed in newborns, if the child was born prematurely, with congenital pathologies of the heart. Insulin coma is provoked by oxygen starvation of accutane pills, low body temperature. The pathogenesis of a coma associated with a lack of sugar in the blood against the background of an increased concentration of insulin has several stages. The disease affects the nervous system and develops very quickly, all stages pass in a few minutes. The clinic describes five stages in the development of a pathological reaction.

  • Manifestation of vegetative reactions - palpitations, sweating, indomitable hunger, discoloration of the skin (pale or red), tremors, headaches. This is due to the destruction of the subcortical centers in the hypothalamus.
  • At the next stage, subcortical structures continue to collapse, accompanied by impaired consciousness. This provokes hallucinations, delirium. The patient is aggressive, commits unmotivated acts or is in deep depression.
  • There is a death of neurons of the upper sections of the medulla oblongata. This causes convulsions, loss of consciousness and leads to order isotretinoin pills.
  • Further, the process of dying affects the lower sections of the medulla oblongata, in which there are centers for providing vital processes (blood circulation, respiration, digestion, excretion). The center of cardiovascular activity and the respiratory center are the first to be affected, after which a deep coma and death occur.
  • Insulin coma is diagnosed if the patient has diabetes mellitus, disorders of the pancreas, taking into account clinical symptoms. Mainlaboratory test - determination of the level of glucose in the blood.
  • Who is indicated by a reduced indicator - below 20 or 2-4 mmol / l. If the patient initially recorded sugar levels of isotretinoin pills than 20, then the pathological condition occurs at a glucose concentration of 6-8 mmol / l. In this case, the diagnosis of coma is a serious difficulty. The norm for a healthy person is 7 mmol / l.

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If the patient is unconscious, the diagnosis becomes more difficult. The doctor can focus only on external signs (dryness and discoloration of the skin, wet palms, convulsions, pupil reaction, depressed reflexes of the autonomic nervous system). It is very important to determine the type of coma, the choice of therapeutic measures depends on this. If the patient is unconscious, a special diagnostic test is performed. The algorithm of actions consists in the introduction by the nurse of 40-60 ml of glucose intravenously (solution concentration 40%).

If the coma is mild, the person quickly returns to normal. Treatment of hypoglycemic coma in severe forms involves intravenous injections of glucose or its administration by drip. Another significant indicator is the time of day when the attack occurred. Insulin shock occurs in the morning after exercise, in the absence of breakfast, in a stressful situation.

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